Three Makeup Brands to Try This Year


If there’s one thing I enjoy on this blog, it’s recommending brands to people so they can discover something new. You know when you literally can’t fault a makeup range so you just have to tell everyone, that’s how I feel about the above products. These three brands, although mentioned many times previously, have impressed me so much so here’s why you should most definitely try each one.

Charlotte Tilbury | I know a lot of you have already tried products from the wonderful Mrs Tilbury but I know a lot of you haven’t so she’s 100% worth a mention. The range includes everything from skincare to base products to lipsticks, and what I adore about it is the products within each category aren’t huge. There’s just a handful of fantastic shades that cover everything you need and that’s it. It’s not as overwhelming as MAC or have 50 different finishes, just amazing quality products in beautiful packaging. Stand out pieces for me are definitely the Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks in Stoned Rose, Love Liberty and Bitch Perfect, Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow and the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation.

Sephora | Now, I’ll be honest and say I’ve only used the lip products from Sephora so I can’t tell you about the rest of their collection, But, I can however be so impressed by just a few products to have a bit of a rave. Despite Sephora not being the easiest things to get your mitts on in the UK, the Sephora Lip Cream Stains and the Sephora Rouge Cream Lipsticks are both 100% worth a purchase. They’re pigmented, long-lasting and oh so reasonably priced so make sure to pick some up if you can!

Anastasia Beverly Hills | You’ve probably seen these featured in my favourite brow products post or my favourites of 2015 but they’re so worth a purchase. When I had a fringe, I never used to bother with my brows, but now that they’re fully on show I’ve realised how much of a difference they make to my face! Even when I’m going relatively makeup-free, I always remember to do my brows as it really brings my face together and I can just slick on some eyeliner, concealer and dash out the door. I’d highly recommend the Anastasia DipBrow Pomade to outline and fill in the bulk of your brows and the Anastasia Brow Wiz to create natural looking brows in the middle. They’re both just so good.

What brands do you want to try this year?

Helen x
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