Three Ways to Reduce Stress This Christmas

Make Your Xmas Dinner a Breeze | Christmas dinner can be a bit of a nightmare sometimes, so it’s always good to have things organised. If you’re cooking it for yourself or your loved ones this year, get prepped in advance. My mum and sister always make my Xmas dinner, so I’ve got time to chill, but they meticulously write things down to get their timings on point. Make sure you shop in advance and take a Christmas Dinner checklist so you don’t miss anything, then write down your plan of attack before the big day. Otherwise, there’s a whole range of top tips online too (like these amazing tips) to make sure you can go from cooking to eating with as little stress as possible!

Get Expert Help with your Presents | I’m usually pretty good with presents for my family and boyfriend, but sometimes it can be a bit of a struggle (especially when their birthday’s are near Christmas too!). This year, I went to Debenhams and got a personal shopper to help me with a few of my Christmas presents, mostly for my dad, niece and nephew. Without knowing my family at all, my personal shopper (shout out to the Metrocentre as that’s where I went) took down a few details, such as sizes etc, and went out while I enjoyed a cuppa to pick items for my loved ones. She came back with such an amazing assortment of goodies which I wouldn’t have probably noticed myself, but they were all perfect! It’s really nice to sit and chill – or you could go out for some food and come back later – while someone does the hard work for you. It’s a free service, too, and there’s no pressure to buy anything which makes it such a relaxing experience! I would wholeheartedly recommend booking it in if you’re doing some last minute shopping and are completely stuck.

Get Your Beauty Treatments in Advance | There’s something so nice about getting ready for Christmas, but if you’re feeling a bit stressed about the whole thing then make sure you book yourself in for some treatments in advance. How about a nice festive manicure? Or a blow dry to make sure your style lasts until Boxing Day? I recently went for a blow dry with Regis and took Amy along with me and it was so nice! They have a new thing which they like to call ‘friendsnips’ and it’s about spending time with your friends by booking dual appointments so you can catch up over a glass of bubbly! Totally worth doing if you want to take the stress out of the big day and catch up with your friends at the same time!

Helen x