thursday-saturday: nights out and days in

thursday: i went to my friends house with the intention of just getting (bolognese) pizza and watching a film, due to him being ill and me not wanting to spend much money. this turned into going to the pub, then cocktail bars. i am a big fan of mojitos so when the bar i went to had pear and raspberry versions, i had to get one. so delicious. we went to a few more bars where i had too many amaretto and coke’s, another favourite of mine. 
friday: i had a ridiculously long lie in which was amazing. it started snowing and i stupidly decided to wear heels. it was one of the most tense days of my life.
today: i had to look after my niece (she’s 4) as my sister is decorating her house. we spent the day drawing, gluing and glittering everything in sight. we then watched tangled, which i watch without using her as an excuse then more tom and jerry than my brain could handle. after she went home i’ve caught up on some blogs, ate most of a box of some maltesers and i’m currently watching family guy.