TIPS AND TRICKS: 10 Things That Annoy Me About Blogging

Blogging. Oh, blogging. I do love you but sometimes things just irritate me, you know? It can’t be sweetness and light all of the time so I thought I’d write this little light-hearted post about things that annoy me about blogging. It’s all in good fun!

One: Follow For Follows | This annoys me on all social media platforms and not just blogging, actually. I know a lot of people do it, but it just doesn’t sit right with me. If I have readers, I want them to actually want to read my blog and interact of their own accord, not just be a number sitting in my bloglovin’ widget. I mean, what’s the point in that?

Two: Buying Followers | Similarly to the above, I think all bloggers will agree that they hate people buying followers. I’ll list some reasons, shall I: a) you’re getting ahead on false pretenses. You won’t actually get any additional interaction/comments, just have a certain number on your account, which people can see right through. b) you look like the biggest jerk once you’re found out and your reputation goes completely down the toilet. It’s pointless. Completely pointless.

Three: Self Entitlement | Being a blogger doesn’t actually ‘entitle’ you to anything, really. No one owes you any PR samples or LFW or press day invites or awesome opportunities just because you have ‘blogger’ in your twitter bio. Don’t be a beg. Remember, it’s blogger not blagger guys (this probably sounds harsh, but it’s the no.1 thing that annoys me and gives us all a bad name).

Four: Link Spamming | Now, including your link in a comment is totally a-ok in my eyes. Hell, include your giveaway or whatever if you like. I’m not fussed, life’s too short. But, what kinda annoys me is when people send them over on twitter at completely random times. Like, you’ll post a tweet such as ‘I love pizza’ (naturally) and someone will reply with ‘me too! check out my blog!’ …erm.

Five: Indirect Bitchy Tweets | I know you’ve got to take the good with the bad in blog world. People aren’t always going to like you and that’s ok. Really, it is. It’s human nature. It’s the passive aggressive bitchy tweets that get me. If you have an issue with someone, tell them or keep it to yourself. Why be a drama llama just so people are like ‘omg what’s wrong?’ followed by ‘I’ll DM you’ – stop. Just stop.

Six: When You Like Your Outfit But Have No One To Take Your Pics | This is pretty self explanatory, but only since I started posting my outfits has this become an actual daily concern. I honestly wish I had one of those photographer boyfriends who could take my photo every day. How convenient would that be?

Seven: Completely Irrelevant Comments | You know the type, when you put your heart into a blog post (as I do with all of them, naturally, gotta love blogging and all that) and someone comments with a copy and paste job. You’ve all seen it, right? The ‘Love your blog, your photos are great! Check out my blog’ and nothing else. No brief comment about the post, not even a quick skim read, just a metaphorical bright neon sign that says ‘I have not read your post whatsoever’ *marks as spam* …Sigh.

Eight: When Blogger Kills Your Images | I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve uploaded an image and blogger has completely drained all of the vibrancy out of it, so it just looks like a dull mess. Cheers blogger. You’ll learn that PNG’s are your best friend if you like using a lot of white in your photos!

Nine: When Your HTML Goes Cray | Luckily I have the wonderful pipdig to sort out all of my major HTML issues, but sometimes I’ll be writing up a blog post and blogger will add random edits in there. I’ll check the HTML and it’ll have things centred or put random spaces in and have messed it up. Oh and don’t even try to copy something over from a Word document, jeeez…

Ten: Hyped Up Products | By this I don’t mean I get annoyed at hyped up products, I’ve bought lots myself and love so many of them. I mean when people get so irritated when a hyped up product doesn’t work for them. Like, irrationally annoyed and deem everyone else as a liar because they don’t like it. Every skin is different, every body is different, your hair is even different from the next person. What works for someone else might not work for you. Chill guys.

What annoys you about blogging? Please let me know, I’d love to read it (be as tongue-in-cheek or as mean as you like haha)

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