TIPS AND TRICKS: Beauty Tips #2

One: Always Double Cleanse | Obvious, right? I know people want to get their makeup off and climb into bed as soon as possible, but taking the extra minute to go over your face again makes all the difference. My skin used to be a mess, but since adopting a better skincare routine, making double cleansing one of the main things I do, my skin has improved so much. Pick a balm, oil or more heavy cleanser to start to remove makeup and really deep clean the skin, then go over with something lighter to purify and make sure everything’s removed.

Two: Learn to Love Facial Oils | I’ve probably mentioned this before, but as someone with combination skin I was always terrified to use a facial oil. The idea of putting something heavy on skin that was already a greasy nightmare to deal with never appealed. But, since I decided to bite the bullet and give it a try, I’ve never looked back. Using a facial oil has become a dairy occurrence and it’s actually helped balance my skin, making the oily parts of my skin more normal. It’s helped with blemishes, uneven skintone, hydration levels and created a much nicer complexion than I had previously. I genuinely believe everyone can benefit from including one in their routine, so go forth and do some research (starting here may help, but I’ve added many more to my collection since) but my favourites are: Balance Me Radiance Facial Oil and Rose Otto Facial Oil, Trilogy Rosehip Oil, REN Omega 3 Serum Oil, Bodhi Neroli Luce Face Oil, NUDE ProGenius Treatment Oil and Clarins Lotus Facial Treatment Oil.

Three: Get Your Base Right | Apart from skincare being the most important, getting your makeup base right, I think, is worth its weight in gold. I own around 10 primers and the same in foundations, not because I’m greedy but I’m yet to find my ultimate HG base. There are combinations that work amazingly and I use them constantly, but I’m always on the lookout for makeup that gives me perfect skin when I really don’t. Your skin is the biggest part of your face and sure, you can focus on your lips or eyes etc, but in my opinion, if you get your foundation and primer right, the rest will fall into place perfectly. So, try out different foundations and primers, don’t be afraid to ask for samples of high end brands and test them all out. Personally, I think your base goes a long way so it’s worth hunting out one you love!

Four: Less is More | I used to be ridiculously heavy-handed with my makeup, I used to pile it on, barely blend it and think I looked great. Oh the shame. Now, the best thing I’ve learned for myself is start with a little and build it up. It helps you use a lot less product, so is more cost effective in the long run too. I always apply a pea sized amount of foundation, blend well and see if I need more coverage. 9/10 I don’t or could just touch up with concealer, whereas in the past I would have slapped so much on. Same goes for eyeshadow, build it up and blend blend blend. It also helps against clown cheeks (so guilty of this in the past). Again, very obvious but one so worth remembering!

Five: It Doesn’t Always Have to be Matte | I adore a good matte lipstick, they’re always so pigmented, last for hours and are stay so vibrant on the lips. What I don’t love is how drying (and dry looking) they sometimes are. To combat this I do one of two things: one) quickly use a lip scrub and apply some balm, waiting for it to sink in slightly before applying the lipstick or two) apply a lip balm after the lipstick, which takes away the matte look slightly but offers hydration throughout the day. So, if I want to keep the matte look but hydrate my lips I’ll do option one, but if I want to take away the dry look matte lipsticks often give, I’ll do option two. Both mean you get the full advantage of a pigmented lip colour but it alleviates the issues the formula can cause.

 That’s round two of my beauty tips (part one is here) so I hope they’re vaguely helpful! If you have any, leave them in the comments below as I’d love to have a read.

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