TIPS AND TRICKS: Beauty Tips #3

One: Stop Trying To Revive Old Mascara | Have you ever seen these ‘is your mascara flaking? Add xx to it and it’ll work like new again!’ beauty tips in magazines? They always raise an eyebrow with me, as surely if a mascara is so dry that it’s flaking, then throw it out? I wouldn’t want to put that anywhere near my eyes, nevermind try and revive it. You’re supposed to replace mascara every few months anyway, so bite the bullet and replace your mascara before attempting to put old, flaking product around one of the most sensitive areas of your face. Or, if it’s went dry after a few weeks, remember to screw the lid on properly! More of an opinion than a tip, but something to think about non-the-less.

Two: Draw On Your Brows Before Plucking Them | Such an obvious tip, but a really important one. I always get my brows professionally threaded to get the right shape once every few months, then pluck them inbetween appointments. When I come to do this bi-monthly torture, I always fill in my brows (with pencil or powder, whatever you like) so I know I’m getting the shape I want. Usually, when I don’t do this, I can’t visualise the shape properly and0 end up plucking more than I should, so it’s always good to create a shape first!

Three: Nail Polish Remover Works Magic | Got an old nail polish that’s went a bit gloopy? I’m looking at you, Seche Vite top coat, legendary for only being able to use half the bottle before it goes thick and horrible. If you want a quick fix to make an old polish smooth again, add a tiny dash of nail polish remove. It thins it out and makes it useable once more! Yay. Remember to only do it once or twice, or it’ll end up going matte.

Four: Invest In A Good Lip Liner | Doing a red lip? Sick of it smudging or bleeding or fading weirdly? Get a red lip pencil! I know you could say this about any shade, but picking yourself up a red lip pencil in particular will work wonders for your pout. It’ll make it stay vibrant, last longer, act as a barrier to stop it bleeding and when it fades you’ll still have colour underneath. I think there’s something nice about having a properly done red lip that makes a pencil worth getting! I always use MAC Lip Pencil in Cherry.

Five: Again With The Facial Oils… | I know, shut up about them, right? But they do really help in so many different ways. The latest thing I’ve been using them for is a spot treatment on any pesky blemishes that decide to pop up. They really work wonders on taking down redness and the soreness of new blemishes, which is great especially if they’re those awful under the skin ones. Once it’s went away, they help to heal them quickly and prevent blemish scars. I find they work especially when a blemish is at that weird healing-but-kinda-dry stage.

That’s round three done of my beauty tips, hope you found them helpful! If you have any, do leave them in the comments!

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