TIPS AND TRICKS: Blogging Tips #10

I haven’t wrote one of these since the middle of March (see the whole series here) so thought I’d pour the little thoughts that pop into my head into a post. Eight is a bit of an odd number, but hey, I hope they still help!

Change The Post URL | A handy little tip for upping your pageviews and appearing more on Google is to create a custom post URL. You can do this really easily on blogger (under permalink, it’s in the options on the side) and no doubt on wordpress too. If you’re reviewing a product, make sure you include the name of it in your URL so people can find you when they search.

Update Your About Me | Something I desperately need to do, but people do like to be nosy and your ‘about me’ may be the first place they look! I find it really hard to write these, but make sure your personality comes across as you can tell a lot about a blogger by their bio!

Post Your Content to Google+ | If you have your blog connected to Google+, make sure you actually ‘share’ your latest post. If someone clicks on your username either in the comments or through Google+ comments, it takes you to your Google+ page so if your last post appears to be months ago, people may click off thinking you don’t blog anymore. It takes 2 seconds, so share away!

Add a Search Description | Another little tip to throw a few more pageviews your way,as people are more likely to read it and click, is to add a search description. Again, it’s in the options in the side, but it’s really easy to do. If you’re reviewing a product, write something like ‘Collection lasting perfection concealer review’  to begin with, as you’re describing what the post is about, then add something to make it sound inviting in 150-160 characters.

Remember Your Email on Twitter | I’ve been contacted a few times by brands specifically through twitter, so it’s always handy to have your email in there if you have space!

Switch Up Your Pictures | It’s nice to change your profile pictures every once in a while, definitely as the seasons change. Having a summery pic in winter always looks a bit odd, so I tend to change mine every month or so to reflect my current content.

Think About Your Headers | Similarly with the above, it’s nice to swap up your Twitter, Facebook and Google+ headers with your latest photos every so often. Not only does it show your skills and, again, reflect your content but it reinforces the type of thing to expect category-wise (ie, having makeup if you’re a beauty blogger). A lot of my traffic comes through social media, so I want it to positively showcase my blawg.

Post Your Content to Instagram | Another great way to show off your photography and it totally makes sense with it being a photo based app… I always post a pic from my current post to Instagram, as not only does it create content on a regular basis but it lets people know you have a new post via visuals (which are always more popular than just writing it).

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Helen x
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