TIPS AND TRICKS: Blogging Tips #3

Tip One: Post Regularly | I know this probably sounds like a stupid statement, but posting regularly is really important. Would you follow or actively check a blog that only posts once a month? Probably not. I know people have jobs, children and general real life things to attend to, but trying to keep up some sort of schedule works wonders in encouraging people to read and return to your blog.

Even if you can only post once a week, it’s better than nothing. Take a few pointers about scheduling from my Blog Tips #1 post and maybe have a specific day to post on, then you know you’ve got an entire week to get some content together. Personally, I post every other day (or sometimes every day) as I do things in bulk on my days off, which saves me a lot of time in the long run. I know that’s too much for some people, but it suits me. But, getting into the habit of regularly posting content means your readers get consistency and it will ultimately build up your followers.

But, if you can’t manage to post, it’s not the end of the world. Sure, your page views might take a bit of a hit but you don’t need to apologise for it (as a lot of bloggers do). Just get back to posting regularly as soon as you can!

Tip Two: Working With Brands Doesn’t Mean Your Blog Is ‘Good’ | There’s one thing I keep seeing popping up on blogger chats, especially when they’re about brands or anything PR related, is that your blog must be ‘good’ or you must have ‘made it’ when you start to be recognised by brands.

I’m not saying working with brands is a bad thing, at all. I love the relationship I have with some PR’s and I’ve found some of my all time favourite products etc through collaborations, which is amazing. What I am saying is: Don’t let that be a measure of success. Find another way to appreciate your blog or to recognise when you’re doing well and growing through blogging. If being recognised by brands is your sole aim or you think your blog is worthless until an email lands in your inbox, then please have a think what you want out of your blogging experience.

So, to all of those on twitter who say things like ‘I’ve been blogging for xx months and haven’t received a single PR email, am I doing something wrong?’, step away from your keyboard and refocus your aim. Concentrate on improving your content, get more involved in the blogging world, appreciate those people who tweet you/comment on a regular basis, do something, anything, else to make your blogging experience more fulfilling than just being fixated on freebies.

Tip Three: First Impressions Count | I know it’s one of those sad things in life, but first impressions do count. Have you ever been on a blog and instantly clicked off because your brain can’t physically be bothered to take it all in? I’m look at you, people with black backgrounds and harsh font colours.

My biggest tip for a layout is: Be organised. Readers want to be able to access all parts of your blog easily, whether this is other posts or your social media accounts etc. So, make sure any font is readable, any background where font sits is light and that your sidebar is organised. Personally, I have a short description of my blog, my categories (ie outfits, beauty, but you could have an archive if you don’t want this), my followers and some social media info, as the bulk of mine is in my top bar. This way all the key parts that people may want to click on are easily shown and accessible.

Getting it professionally designed it always a bonus and I will always recommend pipdig, you know, with him designing mine (and being my other half) and all. But even if you have a go at designing it yourself, a quick google search can really help you with basic HTML and ideas for design elements!

So, that’s part three of my blog tips series, so I hope you find it vaguely helpful. I will talk about working with brands etc more in the future, but as always, if you have any suggestions for topics then let me know! 

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