TIPS AND TRICKS: Blogging Tips #5

Tip One: Everyone Has Influence | Whether you’re a blogger with 10,000 readers or 10, we all have a certain amount of influence on the internet. Have you ever read a blog and took their advice without even questioning whether it’s accurate or not? I’ve done it plenty of times, whether that’s skincare, beauty or even health advice, I’ve listened (err read?) that article, took it as a fact and acted upon it accordingly. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t, but there’s always something at the back of my head telling me ‘err Helen, you’ve just bought something because a random person on the internet, who you don’t even know, told you it was good…’

I do get occasionally get comments or emails from people telling me they’ve bought something I’ve recommended and it’s worked well for them, which is fantastic. Part of me is extremely happy and flattered that I’ve helped someone (in the way that other bloggers have helped me over the years) but part of me finds it slightly daunting in a sense that I have influenced a person to do something. We’re not all skincare or beauty specialists in blogging world, so dishing out things like advice is always one of those things to be wary of. Personal experience plays a huge part but I always recommend products based on that, but wouldn’t dream of giving people straight up skincare advice, as it’s just not my place to do it. Unless you’re an expert or had training, or got your tips from an expert (looking at your Hirons and Thom from ManFace), then please think twice about what you’re writing, especially when it comes to people’s health and well-being.

So, what I’m trying to say is think about this when you’re typing up a review. Especially when it comes to gifted products, if you don’t want to write a negative review then don’t, or angle it more along the lines of ‘this didn’t work for me, but it may work for other people’ and outline the pros and cons. Please don’t be scared to say something didn’t work out for you (ie. don’t write a positive review if you hated the product), it’s not necessarily going to put PR people off and it may help other people know what products to avoid or to think twice about before buying.

Tip Two: Take The Good With The Bad | I think blogging, and the blogging world, is quite a temperamental place. You never know if a post is going to go down well until you click the ‘publish’ button or if you’ll get a bit of backlash for voicing your opinion, but that’s part of the fun of it I guess.

There have been blog posts that have worked out well for me and some that have barely scraped a few comments. It’s always the ones I enjoy writing too haha, but that’s just the way blogging is. Not everyone is going to like every single post and that’s ok. I mean, everyone wants their blog to be read and liked, but posting something that flopped can always be a way to further develop your blog. If your readers didn’t like something, then you’ll know to change it up slightly or maybe even steer clear of the topic in future if you really want. It can work as a great source of feedback and really help you improve your blog over time.

Same with any negativity or people disagreeing with what you’ve got to say – it’s ok. Again, not everyone is going to agree with you or like everything you do and, again, that’s just life. You can’t expect to coast along in blog world on a sea of kittens and twee without a single person disagreeing with you, although it’d be a nice thought! You can read it, take it in, develop from it and forget about it. Try not to take things to heart and let it knock your confidence in yourself or your blog, be a strong person and remember: it’s ok.

Tip Three: Don’t Be Scared To Say Hi In Blogger Chats | When asking what tips to feature next, a few of you said you’d like me to talk about blogger chats. When I first started taking blogging seriously, I tried to participate in as many chats as I could, as I love discussing beauty etc with like minded people and still do try to chip in when I’m not at work til 9pm. Back then, there was only really the #fbloggers chat and #bbloggers chat, which are still going now and are as popular as ever, but more have crept in which makes for a varied amount to suit everyone.

So, I thought I’d do a little breakdown of when bloggers chats are on…

Beauty Bloggers Chat – #bbloggers
Time | Wednesday’s and Sunday’s 8pm-9pm GMT
Topics |  Wednesday: free chat, Sunday: voted topic (you can vote via the poll here)

Fashion Bloggers Chat – #fbloggers
Time | Monday’s and Thursday’s 8-9pm GMT
Topics | Varies, submit your ideas for a topic to whoever is hosting the chat.

Lifestyle Bloggers Chat – #lbloggers
Time | Sunday’s 7-8pm GMT
Topics | Varies, submit your ideas for a topic to their twitter account.

F.B.L Chat (fashion, beauty, lifestyle) – #fblchat
Time | Tuesday’s 8-9pm GMT
Topics | Varies, submit your ideas for a topic to their twitter account

Market Your Blog Chat (how to promote your blog etc) – #mybchat
Time | Tuesday’s 7-8pm GMT
Topics | Varies, but all about getting your blog out there, working with PR’s etc.

There are others such as #bloghour (Tuesday’s 9-10pm), #pbloggers (parent bloggers, Sunday’s 9-10pm) and #sbloggers (student bloggers, Friday’s 8-9pm), though I’ve never participated, but the above five are a great way to get started!

Here’s some little tips for participating, just incase you’re brand new and haven’t joined in before…

1 | Some chats are often question lead by whoever is hosting, so they can give you a bit of direction if you’re new and stuck on what to say. There’s no harm in asking questions or suggesting things you like ie. ‘I’ve been really loving xx product, anyone tried it?’, as they’re both great ways to start a conversation!
2 | Always include the relevant hashtag. I know that’s a no brainer, but sometimes it’s easy to forget when you’re just starting out (I know I did!)
3 | Chat’s are meant for chatting. Don’t be afraid to speak up, reply to people’s questions etc. No one is going to think you’re silly or anything as we’re all in the same boat. You also don’t have to be a certain blogger to join in a certain chat. I don’t really do lifestyle blogging, but still say hi in the #lbloggers chat. It’s a great way to get to know different bloggers!
4 | Some topics can be quite controversial (ie. about sponsored posts, gifted items) and often lead to a few people bickering which, of course, you can get involved in if you wish but do tread carefully around these if you can.
5 | Finally, people always ask for links at the end of each chat so feel free to send them over! Again, don’t feel silly doing this because people always ask and want to read new blogs, plus it’s a great way to promote your blog and potentially gain some new readers. You can always ask people to send you links too, so you can discover some new blogs. Always try and leave a comment if you’ve visited, as it’s nice plus they might return the favour and check out your blog also.

So that’s the fifth (and very long! sorry) installment of my blog tips series. I’ve added a link to all my blogging tips in the ‘categories’ section of my sidebar so you can look through easily if you ever needed to! I hope you liked these tips and somehow found them helpful and, as always, any suggestions for topics please do let me know!

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