TIPS AND TRICKS: Blogging Tips #9

Eight seems like a bit of a random number for tips, but hey, my brain stopped working there! Instead of my three more lengthy tips where I waffle on and on, this time I decided to post a few little snap shots of things that some may find useful (or not, hey we’re all friends here) so I hope you enjoy!

One: Make Your Bio Useful | I’ve come across so many profiles recently that simply say ‘beauty blogger’ without an actual link in sight. It’s a super simple thing to do and makes a huge difference to people actually looking at your blog. Go on twitter, google+, your blogger profile etc and make sure your blog is actually linked. Throw your email address in there if you can too!

Two: Remove The PR Friendly Thing | There’s debates for and against this, but I personally dislike it. Why wouldn’t you be PR friendly? I don’t know, but it just sends out the wrong vibes to me. I won’t go into this too much, as this brilliant article sums up everything I feel about it so have a read!

Three: Put Your Best Picture Forward | The first photo in your blog post shows up on Bloglovin, Google+ and is more often than not, pulled in on Facebook too. So, make sure you put your most attention grabbing and best photo first, so people are more likely to click on it. This goes for social profile pics too, ditch the drunk night out with your friends for that more pro looking blog photo or hey, even a selfie will do.

Four: Write A Blog You’d Love To Read Yourself | I think this is really important, as if you’re enjoying putting something together, it’ll come across in your writing and content. If you love reading about skincare or makeup or really wish someone would write about their favourite lipsticks, write it yourself! Your passion will shine through and your readers will no doubt enjoy it!

Five: Read Your Camera Manual | You don’t always need to rush out and buy a new camera if you read your manual first. There’s loads of tips online too, which break everything down and make all the technical terms really easy to understand. Once you grasp the basics, you can go from there and you’ll be amazing!

Six: Determine Your Own Success | There’s a lot of other tips posts I’ve read recently that are titled ‘how to be a successful blogger’ and within the first paragraph, they’re talking about numbers/followers. I know some are very numbers based (I am myself sometimes) but it’s really not the be all and end all. I’ve said this a thousand times, but being upset over not gaining a follower one day will result in you having a bit of a miserable blogging experience.

Seven: Don’t Be Afraid To Hit Publish | Some of the best posts I’ve ever read are the ones where people have been afraid to hit publish. I was initially scared to publish these tips post, as I was worried people would think I’m telling them what to do (promise I’m not), but they’ve been my most popular posts to date. If you’re wary of publishing a post, leave it overnight, re-read it and post it!

Eight: Create A Blog Email | This literally takes two seconds to do and, professionally, looks a lot neater. Now, we can’t all have [email protected] but you can easily get a hotmail or gmail account with your blog name. Keep beckyg2010 for everything else (plus you can always forward emails to your new one in the beginning!)

If you have any other tips, as always, feel free to share them in the comments! Oh and check out my blog sale and £60 skincare giveaway while you’re at it too!

Helen x
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