TIPS AND TRICKS: Boosting Your Blog Productivity

I’ll keep this intro short and sweet, as these posts always seem so long! Apologies for that. This week I’m chatting about productivity and the things I do to help keep ontop of my blogging schedule!

Scheduling | I pretty much schedule everything, as it saves time and really does help boost your productivity. I tend to only schedule blog posts and tweets the night before  It’s good to know your blog promotion is ticking over throughout the day. I personally use Buffer, as you can link your Facebook page on there too, and it’s quick and easy to use! If you don’t have time each night, you could schedule a few posts in when you’ve got a spare half an hour and you’ll have an entire week done in one go!

Taking Photos in Bulk | Another thing I’ve always done as it saves time, plus it’s good to make the most of a good weather day. For my beauty photos, I take photos once a week and usually take 3-4 posts worth, same with any style based posts or those that just require a white background. For outfit photos, I tend to shoot 2-3 outfits per session, as I only meet up with someone once a week. I then edit and put these into posts, so I can write them up later. It takes around an hour, but saves so much time as that’s me done for the week!

Plan Ahead | I actually have post ideas for each day from now until Christmas. Yup. I’m going to write a full post on this at some point, but it didn’t take that long to do. If you post, for example, three times a week on a beauty blog, then planning is easy ie. Mon: Autumn makeup, Wed: top nail picks, Fri: Hydrating skincare. Then do this for each week of the month. I always base this on the time of year, so for October it’s Autumn and I’ll move into winter based posts around November. It’s easy once you get into it!

Organise Your Time | This is oh so important, especially if you work. I only have a few days to do everything per week, typically one day for beauty photos (plus editing and writing up posts) and one for outfit photos (plus editing). So, if you’ve got a spare hour at the weekend, take all the photos you need for the week. Then, as you’re binge watching Netflix, write up a post or two. Blogging can really take up as little or as much time as you want it to, it’s all about being organised!

Don’t Beat Yourself Up | If you get a little behind, or you post every day and have to miss a day, it’s ok. If blogging is your hobby, it’s natural for life to get in the way. I mean, consistency is key in blogging if you want to gain a readership, but no one is going to cry if you miss a post. Readers understand, fellow bloggers understand and it’s just one of those things. Just find some time later on, answer emails on your morning commute, grab a spare half an hour to snap some photos and get back to everything when you can.

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Helen x
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