TIPS AND TRICKS: A Guide to Blogger Chats, Times etc

I’ve talked about twitter blogger chats in the past but a lot of you have asked me to expand on them, so that’s what I’ll do in this little post. I adore blogger chats and think they’re one of the best ways to get your blog out there, get to know fellow bloggers, become more active in the community and more often than not, they’re actually quite fun to participate in! I’ll run through the different chats, their times and some other info I think may be useful – hope it helps!

General Structure | Say hey! > establish who is hosting (if there is one) or the chat topic > get chatting > link sharing (around the end of the chat)

Blogger Chats and Times | There’s a whole host of different chats, from fashion to books to food, so I’ll list all of the main ones that I’m aware of and if I’ve missed any – do let me know! All times in GMT.

7-8pm – #bloggersdoitbetter (or #bdib, all bloggers) – topic chat, see their twitter
8-9pm – #fbloggers (fashion bloggers) – topic chat

7-8pm – #bookbloggers (book bloggers) – topic chat
8-9pm – #fblchat (fashion, beauty, lifestyle bloggers) – topic chat, see their twitter
9-10pm – #bloghour (all bloggers) – topic chat, see their twitter

7-8pm – #lbloggers (lifestyle bloggers) – topic chat, see their twitter
8-9pm – #bbloggers (beauty bloggers) – free topic, see their twitter

8-9pm – #fbloggers (fashion bloggers) – free topic
8-9pm – #fdbloggers (food bloggers) – topic chat, see their twitter

7-8pm – #bloggersdoitbetter (or #bdib, all bloggers) – topic chat, see their twitter

6-7pm – #socialbloggers (all bloggers) – topic chat

7-8pm – #lbloggers (lifestyle bloggers) – topic chat, see their twitter
8-9pm – #bbloggers (beauty bloggers) – topic chat, see their twitter

Chat Meanings | Topic chat means the topics are either voted on or there’s a host, check the twitter or read the hashtag tweets to see. Free topic means you can chat about anything you like and there’s no specific aim.

Blogger Chat Tips | There’s not necessarily any specific rules for taking part in twitter chats, but there is a kinda standard procedure…

1. Find out the topic | As said above, find out what everyone is chatting about so you’re on the same page. If the chat has a host, they’ll typically ask questions which you can reply to or just chat about the topic yourself. Once you find this out, reply to people’s questions/points and ask your own to really get involved.

2. Try not to spam your link | Although people still do (and a lot forget the chat is on), if you’re participating in the chat, try and keep your link sharing until the end. Fellow bloggers always ask for links, so it’s a good way to get your blog out there. Don’t be afraid to send them over!

3. Actually chat! | A lot of people said they’re scared to participate in blogger chats – don’t be! Just express your opinions, recommend things, get to know other bloggers and you’ll be used to it after one chat. The chats are there for you to chat, so do so!

4. Don’t be rude or offensive | Blogger chats do get controversial sometimes (especially when talking about samples or anything PR related, eye roll) but try and keep your opinions to constructive, rather than offensive. I’m obviously talking to very few people here, but I’ve often seen people just say things to cause a bit of drama!

5. Use the hashtag | I know this sounds glaringly obvious, but remember to include the right hashtag so people can see that you’re chatting. Use it at the end of replies to people too, as it’ll be included in the main stream and may encourage others to chat with you also!

I hope this has helped those who are a bit stuck! If you think I’ve missed anything, do let me know and share your tips for chatting.

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Helen x
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