TIPS AND TRICKS: Making Your Blog User Friendly

Today I’m gonna have a little chat about making your blog really easy for the reader as, although they may be little things to consider, they can often make a huge difference. Having a blog that’s easy to load, access, read and take in will probably end up having more regular readers than one that’s cluttered.

Social Media Icons | I feel like I’ve said this a thousand times, but make sure links to all your social media are clear on your blog. I always follow a blog I love on Bloglovin and Twitter, as I find it easier to keep up that way, so it’s important to have them displayed. Brands will want to look at these too, not only for your readership, but also for your interaction!

Email Address | Also another important one. Your email is the main way a brand, reader (if they don’t want to leave a comment) or anyone wanting to give you an opportunity will contact you. I’d personally display this in a sidebar or in a dedicated ‘contact’ section so it’s obvious where to look. I know a lot have this as an image to avoid spam (even though you can easily do this here) but I personally dislike this, as a lot see it as an obstruction and may just not bother typing it out to email you!

Sections | Such a handy thing to consider for your readers. It’s nice to have things sectioned off, such as: About Me, Contact, Disclaimer, Advertising (if you offer it) and so on. This makes everything super easy to access! You can also do this with categories, such as: Fashion, Beauty, Wishlists etc depending on your blog.

Clear Font and Layout | I’ve dedicated an entire tips post to this, but it really is oh so important. A cluttered layout, while it may not put off all of your readers, will certainly stop the majority from being regular readers. People need fonts they can read without hurting their eyes, colours that work nicely together and a layout that flows and makes everything easy to take in.

Reduce Your Image Size | Another tip is to reduce the size of your images so that your blog loads quicker. I’ve clicked off loads of blogs before when they take too long to load, so it’s worth doing. If the main part of your blog is 800px in width, use something like PicMonkey or Photoshop to reduce your images down as your file size will be much smaller. A 300mb photo will load much quicker than one that’s 1gb+.

Links to Previous Blog Posts | If you’re wrote a similar posts, or make reference to a previous review, make sure you link to those within your post. Not only is it good for SEO, but offers additional information for your readers without them having to find the posts themselves.

Clear Pictures | A lot of people who read blogs do rely heavily on the pictures, as some are just more visual than others. Make sure your pictures are clear, well lit and large enough to actually see the products. It does make a world of difference so is definitely something to consider working on!

Hope you find this helpful and if you have any tips, do share them in the comments!
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Helen x
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