today: another check coat and leather

coat (similar here), dress (similar effect here and here) and shoes (similar here): topshop / snood: ASOS (here) / bag: mulberry 

this bag looks different every single time i try to photograph it! in real life, it’s more like the colour of my shoes, which i would class as a rich burgundy, so god knows why it looks so light here. i keep using my mulberry’s and my chloe bag less and less these days because you’re not really supposed to get them wet. and, incase you haven’t left the house recently, the UK is definitely that in a nutshell. i feel like i’m abandoning my children or something, just sitting in my big mulberry carrier bag looking all rejected (no, i’m never having real children, so they’re as close as i’ll ever get haha).
i love this dress but i hardly ever wear it as a) it has a really low back and if my skin is exposed i want to die b) the leather skirt isn’t very soft, so it just looks like i’m pregnant when i sit down as there’s a huge bump! le sigh.
anyways, onto xmas presents! have you finished your shopping yet? i only have bits of my bf’s present to get, but about half the budget left so i think default xbox games may be on the cards. may also need to repurchase the chocolate i bought people, as i’ve managed to munch my way through pretty much all of it. please say i’m not the only one who does this!

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