today: apple crumble and family

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this was todays outfit, entirely topshop. what is it with me and topshop at the moment? i’m wearing these wedges as often as possible, so sorry if you’s are sick of them already! they’re so comfortable i never want to take them off.

the top (i call it a dress, it covers my bum) is very short but very pretty, long sleeves aswell which is always a winner in my book. it was such a warm day today i nearly died in a cardigan and tights but i have issues with the sun so i tried to stay out of it. by issues i mean i am scared of all things related to ageing and cancer, like those brown spots you see on old people, it genuinely terrifies me. i’m also quite photophobic, so bright sunlight absolutely kills my eyes.

anways, i only got two small easter eggs today, no lindt bunny in sight. i’ll have to crack some skulls later. my niece did give me a creme egg though, which was nice of her. i’m such a child when it comes to easter, as much as i don’t eat half as much chocolate as i used to (nor do i crave it anymore) i still like getting easter eggs.

my sister made a lamb dinner with lovely roast potatoes and these amazing stuffing ball things. oh my god so good. we had apple crumble with almond and cinnamon topping for dessert,  i could eat it until i puke.

i hope i marry someone who can cook so they can make me food all the time, as i am useless. i tried to make sean (my boyfriend) some food the other week and i nearly gave him food poisoning, we ordered pizza instead… so bad…