today: bengali food, quilted leather and ribbon

leather coat: topshop / peach silk shirt: zara (sale, £16, amazing) / bow: diy ribbon i found in my mother sewing box while she was fixing a pair of suede trousers for me (they’re amazing, will do photos) / lipstick: MAC craving

hi guys, here’s a rubbish attempt to take a picture of that beautiful coat i bought from topshop. i have not found a single place in my house that i can put my camera on a timer and take a decent photo, i might have to invest in a little tripod if i want to do proper outfit posts in the future.
anyways, today’s outfit is a little boring as i’m going to my friends house to eat food later on. she’s doing ramadan so i’m going round after 8 to eat some tasty bengali food, i’m excited to say the least as i love that type of food.
the ends of my hair look so awful (apologies), so i’ve invested in some moroccan oil to see if that’ll make my hair look less dry. i also need it cutting but as i’ve been growing it for the past year and a half, i don’t even want to look at a hairdressers. if anyone has any healthy hair tips please feel free to share!
i’ve also been talking to my friend sharon (who’s in chicago at the moment) about going on holiday when she comes back. i want to go to places like vietnam, india, switzerland, mexico, berlin and milan so badly. but she’s never been to most of the usual holiday destination like spain and greece, whereas i’ve been to practically every island, so i think we’re gonna start there. i don’t mind at all, i adore greece. the food is amazing and the people are so friendly. exciting!