today: nephews birthday and my giveaway winner!

jeans (here), jumper (here) and jacket (here and similar here): topshop / shoes: present from my friend (originally from urban outfitters USA) / watch: MK (here and similar here)

oh, the watch. a little rose gold dream to complete my metal toned collection (but a rubbish picture, i know). though i’ve definitely got my eye on a tortoiseshell one, but that’ll have to wait. five links had to be taken out of this thing due to me having the wrists of a toddler, buuut it’s perfectly oversized but light enough so i can actually lift my obviously pathetic arm.
this jumper was part of my topshop order i mentioned in the previous post and i’m quite partial to it. reckon navy is going to be a pretty big deal in my autumn/winter wardrobe (that’s just a heads up so you can prepare yourselves to be sick of seeing me in it). first time i’ve worn these shoes out despite getting them in july! they’re surprisingly comfortable to walk in saying that they’re so chunky, i’ll have to throw them on more often.
i clomped along to my sisters house for my nephews birthday, he’s two now. how time flies etc etc.

we had hamster cake! it’s chocolate cake inside with fondant hamsters, so cute (and delicious). we had a buffet style tea, you know the one where you just have a small plate and then somehow keep picking until you’ve ate approx 4000 calories? yeah, that happened. no regrets! my nephew has mastered the art of opening presents aka, ripping them to shreds. he was so excited all day that he was permanently flushed from running around so much, just want to pinch his little cheeks. i bought him clothes, typically, four tshirts and two pairs of trousers. i think i’m always going to be ‘that’ aunty, no tacky toys from me, no way no how.

onto the winner of my giveaway…

…it’s aimee from neon bible!
she won through tweeting about the giveaway.
congratulations, i’ll be emailing you today and posting your giveaway items out soon. hope you love them!
thank you to everyone who entered, i’ll be doing a huge giveaway when i get to 1000 followers in 56 followers time so stay tuned for that!

ps. take a look at my blog sale. there’s loads of shoes that need to go! help me out guysss.

pps. i’ve edited my rates so would you like to advertise cheaply on this blog? check out my sponsors section here. i’m taking blogs/stores for the end of september/start of october so send me an email :)

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