today: black and grey

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hello! hope you’re all ok and are melting less now that the weather has cooled down a bit this weekend. i actually don’t have that much to say today, my life has been boring over the past week and feel like it’s went on forever! if you haven’t seen my last post, i did eventually upload a new youtube, so please watch it if you have time!
anyways, on thursday i went shopping with my sister and did the same with the bf yesterday, as he needed a suit for the helsinki wedding next week. we went to wagamamas and they’ve totally changed the menu! i usually get soba noodles, but they’ve altered the ingredients so it’s missing my beloved tofu. also, i really don’t understand the whole ‘everything’s prepared fresh so your food may arrive at different times’ …erm, doesn’t every restaurant have this issue, yet they manage to get the food out at the same time? my bf had practically finished him entire meal before mine came, not good when you’re starving! i got a krispy kreme after (the millionaires shortbread one, mmm) and it was amazing as i hadn’t had one in ages. god i’m so fascinating…

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