TODAY: Black and Pink

blazer: topshop | jumper: H&M | jeans: zara | boots: isabel marant | belt: primark

Hello! Black, white and pink still seems to be in the forefront of my wardrobe choices so the above is a sort of reverse of a previous outfit. Recently, I went through my wardrobe and made some excellent rediscoveries, most of which I didn’t even realise I had. There’s been countless times I’ve said ‘oh I wish i had a xx jumper or xx shorts’ when they’ve actually been sitting there all along. It’s nice though, as every trip to my wardrobe feels like shopping. So, expect me wearing some (hopefully) ‘new’ things on the blog soon!

Talking of new, I’ll be adding some new types of posts to the blog over the next day or so. This blog feels like it’s very one directional, ie. outfit post, beauty post, wishlist, repeat. I know I occasionally add some different things in, but I don’t know, I’m a bit bored? So, I’ve been having a think and I’m gonna add in new sections of the above but other things too, like baking and maybe some more personal posts. Please do let me know what you think of them when they’re live, as feedback is always appreciated!

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