today: black and white

skirt: zara here | shirt: vintage | shoes: zara | bag: michael kors selma here | belt: primark | watch: michael kors here | necklace: H&M similar here | nails: essie maximillian strasse-her here

so happy with these lovely bargain heels. some may complain about the zara sale, as on some items very little was knocked off the price (£22.99 down to £19.99, cmon zara) but having a good hunt through meant some bargains were to be had. so, these were picked up for a lovely £15, what a steal. there’s a few more pairs on the site that have my name on them, but sadly my budget says no. boo.

this skirt was also a bargain, though not in the sale and i’m dying to incorporate it into a daytime outfit, but it is rather short when worn. like, sit-down-undies-flash short. might reserve it for a night out with my boyfriend’s friends that are getting married in helsinki and wear tights so they don’t un-invite me to their wedding.

depending on what time i post this, i’ll more than likely be in manchester seeing one of my best friends. love a good road trip, but they decided we have to get breakfast so my alarm has went from a reasonable 8am to an ungodly 5:45. i sense an early mcdonalds and a starbucks (when it opens) will be on the cards just to make me appear like a functioning human being. on the plus side though, outdoor outfit photos may occur. don’t get too excited now.

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