today: blue and green

jacket: zara | jumper: ebay (here) | jeans: topshop (here) | bag: mulberry | shoes: ash (similar here) | watch: MK (here)

hello! i’ve chopped my head off because my dark circles are on a whole other level this week, aaaful. i have to dress pretty neutral for my internship so when i get home, i like to throw on something bright which makes me naturally gravitate towards this jumper. it’s still in my top 10. as for the bag, i never get to wear it! i absolutely adore it too but i’m a) terrified i’m going to damage it as it’s mulberry’s ‘silky snake’ material, so if it gets caught on anything it pulls up the material and b) it’s such a light colour that i’ll probably spill something on it! i’m going to try my best to get it out of my wardrobe more.
anyways, today is the last day of my internship and i haven’t had to do a telephone interview so far (part of me is thinking thank god). yesterday i had to write up three album reviews and it’s so much harder than you think as, despite listening to a lot of it, i know nothing about the technical side of music! i literally have no idea how to describe anything. oh well, i think i managed to get through it and they can always edit it if it’s complete rubbish haha. the woman who i share an office with is really nice, which i’m happy about, as we spend a lot of time talking about all sorts from movies to food to the magazine industry. she’s shocked i still haven’t seen skyfall and recommended other james bond movies, as i’ve only seen a handful of them. i’m so glad she doesn’t mind me asking all my stupid questions, as i am second guessing everything i write saying that it’s for an actual printed magazine. need to stop worrying so much as i’m back there for a week next month too!

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