today: blue and green tartan

jacket: primark | top: primark | jeans: zara | necklace: H&M | bag: michael kors selma | boots: isabel marant
my top/jeans look like they’re full of marks, but they weren’t. how strange!

Hello! Can you remember that tartan blazer from Zara that was out last year, which came with matching trousers? Yeah, Primark has only gone and brought out a similar style suit. Shame I could only find the trousers in a too big size though, boo. Oh well, I suppose it doesn’t fit in with my ‘good quality clothes’ ethic now does it. Speaking of which, I just keep trying really expensive clothes on at work and wanting them all which is both good and bad for my bank account. I can’t afford anything but come payday the temptation will be there! Currently lusting over these jeans in black and this jacket, even though the picture does absolutely nothing for it, but in person is the most gorgeous, heavy beaded jacket and it’s just beautiful. I won’t be able to afford anything if I don’t sell some things from my blog sale though, so please take a look!
I’m working full times hours this week so feel like I have no time for anything, especially blogging. I’m so behind on outfit photos and have no idea when I’ll get the chance to take some before Saturday, so apologies if there’s a lack on the fashion front guys. I’m just rambling now, so I’ll stop typing. Second day in a row that I’m up at 6:50am, so whilst you’re reading this I will be in full zombie mode at work. Oh joy!

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