TODAY Blue and Orange

knit: H&M | jeans: topshop | trainers: new balance | bag: michael kors | watch: michael kors | sunglasses: marc by marc jacobs

A super quick post as I have a million things to write, photograph, organise and reply to before going into town to meet Amy to take some outfit snaps! I spent all yesterday sorting through my wardrobe and getting rid of the clothes I loved but didn’t wear half as much as I should, so please do check out my blog sale if you get a chance! It all needs to go before July 8th, so I would really love to sell everything so you know, I can live and stuff. I’d ideally like to sell it all and start again, but then I’d have no clothes at all which would be a bit of a problem…

Anyway, I also wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who read, commented on and shared yesterday’s blog post. It was so nice to see everyone agree that bitterness gets you nowhere and that we should all stick together a bit more. I really enjoyed reading all of your views and opinions (plus tweets!) so thank you again for being such a lovely bunch. You can read the post here if you missed it!

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