today: blue suede and dots

suede jacket: mango (here) / shirt: zara (can’t find it online but it’s in stores now) / jeans: topshop (here) / shoes: isabel marant (similar here) / bag: celine

i’m officially not a morning person. since my boyfriend has moved out of his old flat and i can’t just leave when i want (ie. sleep in until 11 and then mooch about until 2 getting ready), i have to leave when he goes to work at 8:30am. so upsetting on so many levels.
let it be known that suede is not warm for such times of the morning on a bitter september day. i was utterly frozen waiting for both my metros and a 45minute journey somehow took 1hr and 15mins. so i was tired, cold and sick of my life by the time i got home. urg. luckily, i only have one early start at uni (at 9am) for a three hour seminar, which suits me well as my other lessons aren’t til 2pm on monday and friday.
as it’s getting colder and darker, my blog will probably take a bit of a hit due to the whole lighting situation. hopefully i’ll blog as regularly as i am now, but if it’s raining or snowing outside bets are i’ll just get into the house, put on my pjs, park myself in front of the fire and forget about taking outfit photos. sucks having a, you know, real life again after 4 months off, especially as we haven’t had a proper summer. on the plus side it’ll be fur coat weather soon and that makes half my coat collection very happy that they’ll be getting some attention!

also, sorry i’ve just had outfit posts recently. i do try to mix things up with favourites, wishlists, beauty posts etc, but i’ve been either distracted or quite frankly, not in the right mood. hopefully i’ll get some done soon when i’ve got a day off uni.

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