today: blue suede and silver

jacket: mango (here) / jeans and top: topshop / boots: isabel marant / bag: D&G

hello! hope you’re all ok and are enjoying the slight bit of sunshine we’ve been having (well, at least in the north east).
despite it being warm, i decided to put my new suede jacket on the other day as i literally couldn’t wait to wear it. is that sad? i think that might be slightly sad, haha.
i went on a lovely outing to urban outfitters to get shown around some of their new autumn/winter collections. there’s so many beautiful things and some of them came home with me, but you’ll have to see those in a future entry. i put some images on my twitter and i’ve finished putting all the other photos together so please wait for that in my next post! it’s a visual treat if i do say so myself.
anyways, once i finished at urban outfitters, i popped to the post office and went back home. my journey home was awful though! i got stuck opposite a man who was listening to music on his phone without headphones, which is one of my pet hates on public transport! urg. i could still hear it even over my music so i was not happy by the end of my 20 minute journey, let me tell you.
apart from getting audibly assaulted on the metro, i had a really lovely day! i’m looking forward to wearing my new things if the nice weather keeps up (wishful thinking) and i get to see my friend who i haven’t seen for a year this week! she’s been working in chicago and has brought me some presents back, mostly in the form of american apparel polishes, so exciting!


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