today: camo and spikes

oh hey fat thighs!
jeans (here) and jumper (here): topshop / jacket: religion (similar here) / bag: celine (similar here) / boots: daisystreet (here) / watch: michael kors (here) / tiny cross bracelet: delilah dust* (here)

more headless tripod shots. my dark circles/general face still aren’t my favourite things at the moment, so i shall be just a body for a little while longer! it wouldn’t be so bad if i had photoshop or something, but i think i’m probably the only blogger who doesn’t own it, oh well! i’m still trying to figure everything out, such as how many images i want or the layout of them, but i’ll probably just change it around every few posts so you don’t all get bored!
i took these photos after enduring a particularly exhausting spinning class. it’s not so bad when you’re there, but as soon as you sit on a sofa afterwards you just don’t want to move. it was much better this week than last week, which can only be a positive! my legs were aching (and i mean in a painful couldn’t walk down stairs sort of way) for five days, so i hope that doesn’t happen again. this is all in the name of toned legs, my thunder thighs must go! so. unfit. urg.

i’m still not over the camo trend even though i think everyone else is. whups. i suppose it’s the same with the boots though, latched on a bit too late. oh, and i’m only just coming round to liking ombre hair (natural colours or pastels, not brights unless it’s all bright) but i don’t think i’ll be trying that one out any time soon!

on another note, i remember loving the original jeffrey campbell studded lita’s, only to show my boyfriend a picture of them which was met with great distaste. still, i couldn’t get them off my mind and happened to stumble upon daisystreet’s website. i was really surprised how much these look like the JC version at a quarter of the price! they’re so comfortable to walk in and the quality is really quite good. daisystreet’s customer service is fantastic too, with student discount and free delivery being an added bonus! i’d absolutely adore the red suede studded version, or even the black suede as i know i wouldn’t be disappointed!

i’ve definitely got my eye on this tartan shirt, these beautiful spider web flats, these studded chelsea boots, this amazing red leather jacket and this one with the studs! quite a wishlist, i know, but their website is so lovely and really affordable!

is there anything you’d love to have in your wardrobe off their website?

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pps. i’m thinking selling my clarisonic mia as i don’t use it anymore, if any of you are interested! it’d come without a brush head (they’re about £10-£15 to buy) and it’s only been charged approx 4 times, so it’s in amazing condition. any offers welcome!

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