TODAY: Checks and Monochrome

dress: new look | jacket: topshop, similar | bag: D&G | boots: isabel marant | jewellery: shopdixi and lumo | sunglasses: primark

Hello! This dress has been waiting for a sunny day for a while and it was surprisingly warm enough to leave the house without tights today. Is it just me or do you always feel a thousand times better when it’s sunny? I know there’s an increase in vitamin D which affects your mood etc, but being warm just turns me from a grouch to a overly positive individual. Think I need to move somewhere hot/sunny immediately. Anyway, where was I? The dress. I love the black side strip, button detail up the back and slightly dipped length. New Look were doing a ‘throwback’ campaign and this was supposed to be a dress I’d come back to in years time, but would I? Most definitely. It fits beautifully and fills my monochrome quota without being too plain. Perfect.

I’m trying to get more organised with my blog and write more informative posts. I’m literally covered head to toe in lists, so if it doesn’t work, you’ll find me drowned under a pile of bullet points. Promise there’ll be a new Blog Tips post too. They’re pretty hard to write when you’re in a blogging rut, but as I feel I’ve seen the light at the end of the tunnel (slightly) recently, I’ve jotted down a few ideas. In regards to my actual life, if you’re at all interested, I’m currently basking in post-burger (plus pudding) regret and I’ll be repeating it all again this evening. Woe is me. And my diet.

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