TODAY: Checks and Purple

dress: topshop | jacket: topshop | boots: zara | bag: zara | sunglasses: primark

A much later blog post than usual as I’ve been out of the house all morning. The post office officially hates me now after taking all my packages and the people behind me in the queue were complaining so much. Whups. You can still grab some thing in my blog sale or on depop before it gets taken to the charity shop – I’d really love to get rid of the last few things, so I’d much appreciate it!

Anyways, it was wonderfully sunny the other day and, while it’s so challenging to take pictures as I have no idea what I’m doing, it was lovely to have no tights on again! This dress has sat in my wardrobe since I bought it and I have no idea why! It’s the shape that I love, the right length and nice pattern so god knows why it’s been hanging up for so long, think it’ll become a summer staple!

Just a short post today, as my brain can’t function from being woken up before 7am by a cat pawing my face. I know it’s cute and all, but he purrs so loudly that you have no option but to stay awake. Oh so sleepy. Might declare it nap time…

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