today: christmas, presents and lots of dessert

merry christmas! i hope you’ve all had an absolutely lovely day and ate enough food to prohibit movement. my family are here and i’ve been thoroughly pestered by my niece and nephew. i decided to be christmas themed with a (slightly creased due to said pests) red dress from zara, one of my favourites.
my mother always makes the best christmas meals. this year, she made a white chocolate cheesecake (aswell as traditional christmas cake) for dessert, which is literally heaven and i’m probably going to eat the rest of it to myself.

yes, i have managed to escape to my room for a few moments to post this and definitely got carried away with silly webcam photos. it’ll make up for the time i don’t post outfits. it’s like a christmas bumper pack!
here’s a cringe-inducing christmas kiss to my lovely followers!

books: choke and survivor by chuck palanhiuk, the rum diary by hunter s. thompson, american psycho by bret easton ellis, the seven days of peter crumb by jonny glynn, catch 22 by jospeh heller, junky by william s. burroughs and slaughterhouse 5 by kurt vonnegut. 
other things: absolutely fabulous dvd boxset, vanilla birthday cake shower gel by philosophy, the dark collection nail polishes by betty jackson (better picture here), candy perfume by prada.
&that little person is my four-year-old niece lucy, this is the only photo where she’s not sticking her tongue out or pulling a face.

i’m not going to talk about all the things i got for christmas as i feel like that defeats the point of it all. but i’m very happy (and grateful) for everything i’ve been given. i’m most excited about my books and my new hairdryer. is that sad? probably.
for the rest of the evening i’m going to paint my nails, listen to weekend wolves and eat my body weight in chocolate.

love from, helen x