today: churches and wedges

wedges from asos / coat from warehouse
so i went to my sisters this evening for some ‘what it means to be a godparent’ thing. we had to go to church to see the vicar and basically got a told the entire history of the christian religion. as a person who is not religious in the slightest it was a bit much, i felt a little out of place.
anyways, i decided to throw on some wedges from asos. i really hurt my ankle about 5 weeks ago so wearing heels has become quite painful, these wedges are about as high as i can stand. the coat is one of my favourites from warehouse, lovely fitted tartan. 

forgot to mention when i went on a walk with my sister the other day i came across this house, it was huge

well, huge for washington (and if you know the area, you’ll know it’s not the most fantastic location). i fell in love with it. total dream house. if i win the lottery i might make them move out…