today: cocktails and yet more shorts

top: topshop (sale) / necklace and shorts: H&M (similar here) / boots: isabel marant (here) / bracelets: asos (here and similar here), ebay and vintage / bag: celine (crease, be gone!)

more shorts, i know. get used to it kids, they’re staying as long as it’s sunny outside which will apparently last all week. what a treat. the same week i bought a new coat from zara, typical. though to be perfectly fair, what exactly did i expect buying a coat in august?
leaving my stupidity/secretly clever forward planning aside, this was thrown on (as 99% of my outfits are) to go for cheapy cocktails with the boy. for our first ten or so dates, we used to go to this bar and take advantage of half price drinks and get, well, drunk. that’s how good relationships are formed, right? definitely. we then went through a phase of being sensible and going for meals, but decided to be ‘old school’ this week and revisit our favourite place. it was quiet so we got a massive booth to ourselves, cue me taking ridiculous and sneaky photos. s’all good man, divvin’ worry (said in a drunk geordie slur*).

l-r: raspberry mojito, a long term favourite. some candy flavoured martini he bought me which i initially thought was questionable but turns out it tastes like a sweet shop. his pineapple based thing, no idea what’s really in it but it was pretty good. and finally, possibly my favourite drink ever, an amaretto sour. with egg white, you’ve got to have the egg white. it’s totally not gross, i promise.

* as much as i am a geordie (though some will argue against my mash-up of an accent) i don’t think i’ve often used the phrase ‘divvin’ in real life. god, i do spoil you’s, don’t i?**
** everything i say should be said in a highly sarcastic tone with an eye roll where applicable.


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