today: cupcake nails

these are my nails today
and this is what i look like when i’ve been walking for 6 miles then watching hours of j-drama in my dressing gown (hence the leopard print)
i found this amazing tutorial (which seems to have vanished) on how to paint your nails to look like a cupcake.
it’s supposed to look like a pastel coloured cupcake wrapper, with frosting, sprinkles and a cherry. doing the white ‘frosting’ is so much harder than it looks to get rounded edges!

there’s a base coat, two solid colour coats, two white coats, then a red circle and polka dots for the sprinkles. a lot of nail polish!

i just used a nude colour, a blue, a mint colour, light pink and lilac. mostly nails inc and barry m, but you could use any colours and brands that you wanted.

i’m still waiting for them to dry before i clean them up, so there’s a few smudges down the sides in the pictures!

i think they look alright for a first attempt, it’s time consuming but quite a cute result!