today: day time and night time

shirt: zara / shorts: primark / shoes: topshop / bag: D&G / belt: primark (not sure why the photos are a bit hazy…)

this is what i should have worn to that night out with the boy, but we didn’t end up going. it got to about half 9 and we just decided to stay in with a takeaway instead (goodbye healthy eating). definitely far too sleepy and far too absorbed into watching 24. we had a nice night either way though, so it’s all fine!
this would have been the first time i had ever went out in flats though, which would have felt very strange as i’m used to being 6ft2 in heels. i used to go on nights out about four times a week when i was about 19/20 and now i barely ever do. i much prefer going for a meal or a few drinks (i’ve become a mojito connoisseur) than getting smashed a few times a week in an awful club. maybe i’ve grown up?

jeans and shoes: topshop / jumper: mango / bag: celine (can you see the crease in it? still no idea how to get it out!)

the next day we went to mcdonalds (strike two for the diet) so i could get a strawberry milkshake, yummm. we went for a walk along the river which was really nice as the weather has been beautiful.
this jumper reminded me of isabel marant’s tie dye collection, so i had to had to have it. it being on sale on mango’s website also helped (£17, not bad at all!). i also got an amazing blue suede biker jacket with my order, which reminds me of the acne one. obviously i’d love the original, but it doesn’t make for a bad replacement! it’ll be in my next post i think…


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