TODAY: Denim and Monochrome

dress: inlovewithfashion* | jacket: topshop | boots: acne | bag: zatchels | watch: michael kors (similar)

Hello! Today is my last day off work before two days off and I could not be more excited! I know I’ve probably said this before, but working any more than 3 or 4 days in a row absolutely kills me, even though I need to think about getting a ‘real’ 9-5 job soon. Probably sooner rather than later if I want to move out and have any money. Oh being an actual adult is going to be rubbish, isn’t it…

So, moving on, I’m rather partial to this dress and I wish it was warm enough to wear it. Same with the denim jacket, I used to adore wearing it. Hope the cold weather disappears soon. Though having said that I did just win a camel coat on eBay but I’m praying it’s not giant sized. The listing said ‘size 8’ but that it could fit ‘up to a 14’ like what? That’s not a thing. Surely. We’ll have just have to wait and see!

I haven’t got much else to say, I mean this entire post is just rambling to be honest, so I’ll stop typing and start planning posts to write up for my days off! If you have anything you want me to cover, just let me know!

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