TODAY: Denim and Stripes

blazer: H&M | stripe top: H&M | skirt: ASOS | bag: D&G | shoes: Zara | watch: michael kors | belt: primark maybe

Hello! Not quite sure as to why my face is so serious in the 2nd photo, but, well, there it is. As mentioned in a previous post, my mother was dragged outside to act as photographer for the afternoon and I think she did ok considering she held the camera the wrong way round (and nearly dropped it) at first. I’ll still have my indoor pics I think, as I genuinely don’t have enough time to take outside snaps all of the time, but I thought they’d make the occasional nice change. I’d love to try out a few more locations, but we’ll have to see!

Onto the outfit, I was reading Josie’s blog (very recommended, she’s got an amazing sense of style) recently and she was on the hunt for the perfect denim skirt, so that spurred me on to look for my own. ASOS had a lovely 20% off spring styles offer on and this ripped beauty was in amongst it all. I’m pretty in love with it, just need to weather to catch up so it can adorn my person on the regular.

Today is my last day at work before a surprise week off. I was told yesterday that if I didn’t use holiday’s up I would lose them, so will end up being off from Friday 8th-Sunday 16th – yayy! I’ll be having a serious catch up with my blog, as well as taking a lot of photos and organising posts, so if there’s anything you’d like to see please do let me know!

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