today: denim and stripes

jacket: topshop | knit: forever 21 | jeans: topshop | shoes: topshop | watch: michael kors MK8077 

hello! i was digging around on my computer and found this outfit, so thought i would share. obviously the photos were taken before the heatwave descended, so they’re not exactly representative of what i’m wearing right this second (as i’m probably still in helsinki, my flight back isn’t til 6pm). as i’ve scheduled this post, i do hope i’m having a lovely time in finland and that the wedding i went to on saturday was great, buuuut i’m sure you can keep up with my instagram and twitter for all the deets (it’ll be fascinating, i’m sure). i’m pretty certain i’ll be feeling like i don’t want to go to work tomorrow and that i could happily be on holiday forever, as i always do when it’s nearing the end. oh, i quite like this prediction style post, i wonder if i’ll be right…
stop typing helen.

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