today: disco pants and blog layout dramaz

coat and bag (here): zara | jumper (similar here) and shirt (similar here): topshop | disco pants: american apparel (here) | necklace: H&M (similar here) | watch: MK (rose gold version here)

first of all i want to apologise for the horrible lighting, i took these when i got back from uni one day and the sun was coming through my window strangely! anyways, i have four things to share with you today:

1 | i’m currently messing around with my layout so if it looks a bit half finished, that’s why! for some reason it won’t let me edit my blog title fonts, main font and link colours so i need to get my boyfriend to fix that along with some other little details. buuut, i think it’ll look a lot better in the end than it did, as there’s bit more info and it’s a bit easier to access everything! so, for the next week, please ignore my layout until it’s finished! (but do give me your opinion on how you think it looks so far!)

2 | have you entered my giveaway yet? you can win one of two models own nail polish sets (either ice neon or fruit pastel!) so get on it!

3 | look i’m wearing disco pants! about a billions years too late to the trend, i know, but i’m that kind of person. still puzzled what shoes to wear with them, but i think i can get away with wearing my dickers for now, welll, until spring decides to show itself.

4 | i have a new youtube video! woo yay etc. i think talking to the lovely jai’me on twitter last night inspired me to film something today. it’s just a little haul of the beauty things i’ve picked up or have been kindly gifted, enjoy!

ps. don’t forget to take a peek at georgia’s latest post! is there anything you want off her wishlist?

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