TODAY: Dogtooth and Blue Suede

jacket: mango, similar style | shirt: zara | jeans: topshop | shoes: topshop | bag: D&G | watch: michael kors, similar | necklace: H&M | belt: primark

Hello! White jeans again, yes, but they just shout my name whenever my wardrobe door is open. They’re just as easy as black jeans to wear if you think of them as a neutral, so am quite glad to have them glued to my legs for the upcoming Spring/Summer. Though you’d never tell we’re heading that way with the weather, which has been thick fog up North for the past few days. Hardly summery. I was so excited to crack out the shades soon too…

Anyway, if you follow me on Twitter you’ll have seen that I recently walked out of my job. It was a decision made following being unhappy for quite some time and not feeling valued. I also had a really bad Saturday (won’t go into too much info) last weekend which was an icing on the cake kind of situation, so I voted with my feet and got myself out of there. So, I’ll be on the job hunt until a new one crosses my path which I can only hope is soon!

While I’m looking for a new position, I’ll be hopefully be focusing on my blog a little bit more as I was so unhappy that I lost all motivation for it over the past week or so. I’m sure you could probably tell by my (what I consider to be) substandard posts and rubbish writing. It’ll be nice to try and enjoy my hobby a bit more without it feeling like a massive chore and hopefully I’ll improve my posts/photos on the way, which can only be a bonus!

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