today: dogtooth and grey

 shirt: zara, here | coat: zara, here | jeans: zara sale | boots: acne pistol, here | bag: D&G | watch: michael kors mk8077, here | necklace: H&M, here | nails: models own velvet goth in ‘valerian’, here
sorry the photos are a bit rubbish, silly dull autumn nights.

First up: I’ve put some things on my ebay, including the famous zara city bag, so please go take a look. I’ll be  updating my blog sale too throughout today, so check that out too if you can! It all needs to go by the end of October. I’ve tried to keep the postage down as much as I can, mainly through using this site, so it should all be quite reasonable! Hope you can grab a bargain and do me a favour at the same time!

Anyways, hello! This is the first of two new zara coats that have made their way into my wardrobe in the past few weeks. No matter how much I tell myself I don’t need another, one happens to appear in a shopping bag leaving a dint in my bank account. As I’ve cleared out a fair chunk of coats from my closet, I’m having a good think about what staples I need so you can’t go wrong with the grey coat above, can you? That’s my purchase justified. Talking of staples, this is the first time I’ve worn my Acne pistol boots on the blog! After ranting for ages, I managed to snag a barely used pair on ebay for almost half the price. They need wearing in a bit, as they totally shredded my ankles at work, but I think they’ll be marvelous once they’re all soft. Aaah, so happy with them. Just as I am with that models own polish – obsessed.
Aesthetic rantings aside, today is the first day off I’ve had just to sit and do nothing. The last two weeks has involved working full time, five days a week and my spare time was spent sorting out my wardrobe and catching up on things. So, I’m gonna sit on my arse, browse ebay and watch Criminal Minds aaaall day. Perfect.

My Diesel Loverdose giveaway ends on Sunday, make sure you’ve entered.
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