TODAY: Electric Blue and White

jacket: topshop, alt | top: asos | shorts: zara, alt | boots: primark | belt: primark | bag: michael kors

Hello! Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I don’t know about you, but I am literally ecstatic that travelled home from my boyfriend’s today in just a pair of jeans and a very thin knit jumper and I was warm enough. Does this means it’s officially Spring? I genuinely hope so! Actually, I think I must have been feeling rather S/S inspired when I put this outfit together, as I just want to wear shorts for reals outside! Soon.

Today is my day off and this morning I dragged my lovely mother outside to take some outfit photos! Yes, actual outside outfit photos. Some of them have turned out ok, so I’ll try and include them in a post soon. I really would like to take nice photos in pretty locations, but it’s hard when you’ve got no one to consistently take them for you! So, for now it might have to be a mix of my wall and a fence in the garden.

Oh, I’ve extended my giveaway until next weekend as I don’t have time to go through the entries this week, so you’ve still got a chance to win £150 worth of skincare!

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