today: festival style and a new blog layout

all clothes from matalan* | jumper here, shorts here, shoes and bag instore but not online!

hello! if you stumbled onto my blog on saturday you might have noticed it looked a bit mental. i asked my bf to do a few little tweaks which turned into a full blog redesign! i can’t complain though, he’s a star for putting up with me hanging over his shoulder, constantly asking what he’s doing like an overprotective mother. i wanted it to be a lot more simple than my previous bright and fussy design, so minimal colours were the way forward for me. there’s still a few things i’d like to add, but i’ll just do that over time.

so, basically, if you see some text or some previous posts that look a bit out of place, then you know why! i’ll try and edit as much as i can, but i can’t redo every post so it fits in with this new theme.

onto the outfit: this is a little ‘festival’ outfit matalan asked me to put together for their blog, so i thought i’d share it on here too as i actually quite like it. the jumper is the perfect light weight knit and the shorts, even though they sent me an 8 and not a 10, are perfectly slouchy and cover my butt – hooray! the little shoes were only £12 and are really good quality for the price. aaand the bag fits everything in, which is a must as i don’t do tiny bags at festivals as i like to bring my supplies (sunscreen, makeup, tissues for those horrible toilets etc).

typical big wellies and all that malarkey aren’t really my thing, unless it’s somewhere really muddy, as i find them really awkward looking and hard to wear! anyways, you can see everyone’s looks here and you can vote for me if you like, but it’s just a bit of fun so i’m not too fussed!
 i’m going to send my lovely blogger of the month sera, who also styled a gorgeous outfit for the challenge, the bag this week as i have no space for it, boo! i know she’ll put it to good use though, so i’m happy she offered to adopt it.

i’m going to have a little blog sale before the end of this week as a) i am skint and b) my wardrobe/shoe racks are looking ridiculous. i’ll mention it on twitter and probably on here when it’s up!

ps. check out these two lovely blogs: little piece of beauty and hello freckles.

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