TODAY: A Few Wardrobe Staples #2

I haven’t posted a wardrobe staples post since January so I thought I better change this ASAP. You all seemed to like my last one, so I’ll extend my closet essentials into this post. Hoping that you’ll totally agree and have these beauties sitting in your wardrobe so we can be twinsies.

The Denim Jacket | Definitely one for Spring/Summer or layered underneath a coat in Autumn/Winter, but I definitely class the denim jacket as a staple. I prefer a longer length one so it goes slightly over the top of my jeans, but there’s something so versatile about the good ol’ denim jacket. I’m dying for a white one once I can find the perfect style!

The Leather Trousers | A must have for me, as they’re really accessible despite how intimidating they often look. You can dress them up with a draped top and heels, or down with ankle boots and an oversized knit. They make a great alternative to jeans and, if you don’t buy real leather, you can get a decent pair for quite cheap (the above pair were £15!). I am dying for a real leather pair though, but they’re on the investment wishlist.

The Espadrilles/Statement Flats | I talked about having staple black flats in my last post, but having a slightly jazzy pair is always works. I love espadrilles for S/S, but having a cool pair of loafers or flats can really make an outfit. I love wearing bolder shoes with an all black look or a fairly neutral outfit for a bit of impact.

The Perfect Sunglasses | Finding a shape that suits you can be a bit of a chore, but once you get that down, never look at another style again. I live in my sunglasses, as you’ll know if you regularly read my blog, so finding a shape that suits me ie. oversized and cateye, was really important. Go for a staple black pair and something a bit more details such as tortoiseshell and you can’t really go wrong!

The Clutch Bag | Now, this may be a new thing to me as this Saint Laurent number is actually my first ever clutch, but I’ve totally concluded they’re worth a purchase. Not only do they look good in blog posts (lolz) but they instantly dress up an outfit and make it look more chic. I am a clutch convert!

What are you wardrobe staples? Remember you can win the rose gold GHD styler and hairdryer in my latest giveaway!

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