TODAY: Five Ways To Wear #1

kimono: river island via ASOS* | tshirt: gestuz | shorts: zara | boots: isabel marant | bag: primark | watch: michael kors

Hope you’re having a lovely start to your weekend. Recently, I teamed up with ASOS Fashion Finder to do a ‘five ways to wear’ style piece with a tropical theme. You can see the full blogger challenge here, but I’ll be posting the outfits on here over the next two weeks or so. I had the task of styling up this River Island kimono, which is quite different to what I’d usually opt for, but the long tassels caught my attention (like I’m a cat or something). A palette of grey, blue, white and black work well with it I think, so expect a lot of that throughout the challenge. Plus you know, colour ain’t really my thang.

This weekend, I’m staying at home as my parents are away so I’m on cat duty. Que me getting woken up by one of them pawing my face at the early hours (5:20am this morning!). My boyfriend is finishing up some blog designs then popping over for tea later and I’ll be doing a bake for tomorrow, thinking raspberry and coconut slices so we’ll see how they turn out. I’ll leave this here as I need to take some beauty snaps, but as always if you wanna see any posts in particular lemme know!

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