today: floral and an arm party

shoes: ebay / leather jacket and jeans: topshop / bag: mulberry / belt: hermes / shirt: zara / bow: craft store / watch: MK

there’s a strong possibility i’ll wear this shirt until it falls apart, not caring if it goes ‘out of fashion’ or if people think i look silly in it, i’ll always adore it. same with the wedge trainers, which may end up being a short-lived trend, they ain’t coming off. as much as i do buy many things from certain collections or key pieces from a season, i’m a firm believer in wearing what you love and what you’re comfortable in. anyone agree?
anyways, i wore this to go, well, you guess where and i’m so glad i put the trainers on instead of suede boots (as intended) as it’s done nothing but rain! last night we got dominos pizza, which i totally thought i hated, but it turns out it’s quite tasty. the boy forgot to download the last episode of game of thrones so i’ll have to wait til next time to watch it. i’m actually excited, is that sad? i think that’s sad, haha.
today, i went into town to buy a couple of things, including that camo jumper i’ve been obsessed with since it popped up online (resulting in only a small glitch in the spending ban). if the weather would stop being miserable for a second, i’d love to pair it with some ripped up shorts and my black studded chloe’s. it’s wishful thinking, but you never know, we might have a nice autumn.
on a more serious note, i think you’s should all read one of josie’s latest posts as it’s talking about something more people should think about. her blog in general is lovely too, so there’s even more reason. go go go.

i can’t stop doing the peace signs. oh well, if you can’t take the piss out of yourself, who can you take it out of? i just hope all you lovely readers don’t take me too seriously, haha.
my nails are models own beach party and they are hella bright. they really do mean neon when they say it. my childish side definitely wishes they’d glow in the dark too though.
all my bracelets (apart from the first double link one) are from asos (find them in order here, here, here, here, here and here, though the last one isn’t pictured). i keep forgetting to wear my jewellery, so i’m going to make an effort to throw it all on every once in a while.
i made the ipad case myself. yes it’s tacky, yes it’s ridiculous but i completely love it. it took about 600 little gems, a few hours of my time and several instances of not being able to breathe due to really strong glue (seriously, that stuff hurts), but it was totally worth it.

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