today: floral and lace

shorts: H&M (similar here and here) / shirt: zara (similar here and here) / boots: isabel marant (here) -i know i wear these all the time but i really do love them! / bag: celine / watch: MK (similar here)

yet another pair of shorts that remained attached to its price tag. i swear when i bought them they were a tighter fit and i haven’t physically lost any weight, so i’m utterly confused as to why they’re slouchy now… anyways, my mother thought i was just wearing knickers and the boy thought they look like bedtime attire, so it’s just me that thinks they’re suitable for everyday use. well, as long as i like them and all that rubbish.
i wore this to go for an awful italian meal the other night. you know those meals where you literally can’t wait to leave the restaurant? it was one of those. i had pizza (my favourite food on earth) and it was disgusting, so was the boy’s. the fries were ridiculously salty, even the mayo had no taste! all round gross. i always have dessert when i eat out, but we wanted to leave so badly that we went to mcdonalds for milkshakes and mcflurry’s instead! well, after he decided to reverse really quickly down on of those multi-story car park ramps! it was terrifying, let me tell you.
moving on from terrible food and over to my favourite purchase of the week…

aaaaah! if any of you have been following me on twitter for the past month or so, you’ll know that i’ve been totally lusting after these boots.
i was going to order them on matches but the next day i went online, they were sold out. this is always a bad thing as it makes me determined to hunt them down! i emailed mytheresa, matches and net-a-porter to see if they had access to any and all replied saying no, and that they wouldn’t be restocked. i was devastated to say the least (oh so materialistic, i know, shh).
it was only when i was looking for a link to the black dicker boots for my blog on matches, that i realised the khaki colour didn’t have ‘sold out’ written next to them. i’ve never ordered something so fast in my life when i realised it was only my size in stock! there must have only been one pair too, as when i bought them they went back to being sold out again.
i completely adore my black pair and this shade is just perfect too. so, if that’s not fashion fate, i don’t know what is.

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