today: floral and red

dress: primark via asos | shoes: isabel marant here | watch: michael kors MK8077 | bag: michael kors selma | nails: rimmel sky high

hello! yes, as i was browsing ASOS i succumbed to the primark ‘blogger dress’, as it’s now been named. it’s to pretty to pass up, non? i decided to size up and it’s perfectly slouchy slash borderline underwear flashingly breezy and i’m totally ok with that. primark have been getting better with their clothes recently and their AW13 stuff looks fairly decent, anyone seen that pale pink boyfriend coat? i’ll be the first person to try that bad boy on. can’t wait to see what topshop are bringing out (though, let me guess: embellishments, velvet, somewhat gothy and boyish. every damn year) and of course my beloved zara. i don’t need to say any more about that.
so, to avoid the inevitable bankruptcy, i shall be hunting through my wardrobe for things to sell as soon as i can find time. i physically can’t fit another coat in that side of my closet, so will be considerably downsizing. i’m tempted to use music magpie uk as they accept clothes now (and i can throw my old CD’s their way too!) or have another blog sale! after my last one i know what to expect …but i am lazy so we’ll see how that turns out! let me know what you think about me doing one though.

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