today: fluffy jumpers and a first outing

jeans (here similar here) and jumper (similar here and here) – topshop / bag: mulberry (similar here) / boots: isabel marant (similar here and here) / necklace: H&M (similar-ish here)

despite the sunshine in these photos, it was really quite cold in the northeast when these photos were taken. i felt very autumnal wearing a snugly jumper, boots and warm colours. i mean, i know it’s september, but i want summer back! my legs do not want to be subjected to jeans for the next 8 months if this is officially the end of any potential nice weather. sigh etc.
this is another bag i’ve dragged out of its dust cover after being kept there for a little while. i do adore it but worry constantly that i’ll bash it about too much or spill something all over it. i’ve always said i’m never going to have kids, so my bags and shoes are about as close as i’ll ever come haha. well, at least they’re cheaper (and a lot less messy/noisy/cheeky).
first outing of the marant’s and they’re just as comfy as my black ones. i successfully managed to dodge any rain too. so, as alan partridge would say, back of the net. i encourage everyone and anyone to not buy those four pairs of £80 topshop boots that you’ll only wear a handful of times, and invest in a pair of these bad boys. worth every penny, though my savings account disagrees.
anyways, i wore this to go for food with the boy (shock horror) and we went to a place i was dreading. i mean three courses for £6.95 kinda dread. and that’s not me being a snob or anything, i just really love food and nothing disappoints me more than a bad meal. buuut, it was actually really nice! it’s literally over the road from my boyfriend’s house, so i think we’ll be going there instead of getting a takeaway sometimes in future. mmmmm.

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