today: four dresses and four outfits

dress: vaudeville and burlesque via urban outfitters* (here) / wedges: topshop / necklace and belt: primark

since urban outfitters were so nice by inviting me to have a look around their store, i though i’d do an outfit post for each item i bought on that day!
the red dress was worn to a wedding evening do the other day with the boy. i’m not really a wedding person (i sort of dislike them, along with christenings, maybe because i’m more of a casual person? who knows) so i tried to pick a dress that i could wear both to a semi-formal event and everyday. in the end we did have a nice time, even if we just used the opportunity to have a few too many drinks.
anyways, my favourite thing about this dress has to be the pockets! even though they make my hips look bigger, i still love them. definitely going to team it with my isabel marant boots and a leather jacket in the future! so, thank you very much urban outfitters for that one, you saved me a lot of hard wardrobe decisions!

dress: tba via urban outfitters* (here) / shoes: topshop / belt: warehouse / necklace: H&M / bag: vintage

i don’t usually wear vintage inspired outfits as often as i used to, but this dress calls for it. had to (literally) dust off my old satchel and hunt out my little loafers for this one.
looking girly isn’t really me at the moment as i’m more in jeans and blazers mode, but i couldn’t leave this dress on the rail as it’s far too pretty!
i’ve had a peek through tba’s latest lookbook on their website here and everything is really sweet. i especially love their cream dress with the gold collar and the white crochet/lace looking one. so, so beautiful.

dress: vaudeville and burlesque via urban outfitters* (bought in the sale so no link, sorry!) / jacket: mango / belt and necklace: primark / bag: celine / shoes: urban outfitters

any excuse to wear that mango jacket, even if it was another mistake on a hot day! i wore this the other day to go to the boys house and he was genuinely shocked as i’ve never once worn a dress in the whole time we’ve known each other. probably gonna have to wear one a bit more now!
it’s the same shape as the red one and just as well fitting. my love for anything vaguely rock & roll looking meant i had to bring this snake print dream home with me. it has the perfect balance of movement due to how silky the material is and weight so you don’t feel like you’re gonna flash your arse to the world. don’t get me wrong, i do love a good floaty dress sometimes but i don’t think the world wants to see my underwear!

ps. if you like this jacket, H&M has a similar one for less than a third of the price, click here!

dress: tba via urban outfitters* (again, sale so no link. the beige version is on the 2nd page of their lookbook here) / belt: primark / shoes: french connection / bag: D&G

i feel like wednesday addams in this thing, but there’s no way i couldn’t buy it. i must have wandered past it about 10 times before just giving in and trying it on. without a belt, the pleats down the front look lovely, but i think i prefer it with as it gives it a bit more shape. look how sweet the collar is, too! i tried it with a plain black jumper over the top and i think that may be a winning combination for autumn!
the only thing is, i wish i could walk in those heels so i could wear this outfit out. i’m so used to wedges that skinny stilettos totally baffle me, reckon i’ll have to just parade round the house in them for a while until i feel like my ankles aren’t going to snap anymore!

hope this post wasn’t too long, guys. it’s probably going to be pretty rare that i’ll do so many outfits in one, but i loved all the dresses so felt it was warranted!

ps. urban outfitters have also launched a blog which will feature a more behind the scenes look. it’ll have more previews, interviews and (the most important part) competitions! yayy. click here to have a look!

pps. i’m so ridiculously close to reaching 500 followers on GFC so thank you very much! i’ll be doing another giveaway once i can figure out what to have as a prize, so keep checking back for that!


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