today: glitter and grey

jeans and boots: topshop / jacket: karen millen via ebay / jumper: H&M

with the weather being so dull recently, it’s really hard to take photos of darker toned outfits. it also seems to have affected my ability to hold a camera without making it go blurry so, erm, sorry about that. i was in a hurry and running late so didn’t have time to take any other pictures. i’m seriously one of those unfortunate people that, even if i get up an extra hour earlier than necessary, i still manage to fail at being on time.
anyways, a vaguely winter themed outfit to go for a meal with the boy in another pair of ‘noel fielding’ esque boots (as he names them, same with the chloe susanna’s). i hadn’t worn these glittery boots for months, along with the black and navy versions (i was really obsessed with them when they came out, ok?) so i may have to drag them out of their boxes more often. i do somehow morph into a five year old when i wear them though, they’re just so damn sparkly…

moving on, i didn’t leave the boys house for two days as it was requested that i stayed there and looked for holidays. possibly the best idea ever? i think so. i just sat in bed all day yesterday looking at beautiful hotels in thailand and marrakech. aah, i want to go now!
i had to leave to go to a doctors appointment, buy lots of healthy food (i want to drop half a stone) and then come home. for the rest of the evening i’ll be watching the wire, looking for the perfect black, fitted, leather jacket and figuring out how to straighten my celine bag as it’s got a big crease in it. gosh, it’s all so exciting *rolls eyes*.

as paypal money isn’t real money and i’ve been selling things on ebay recently, i may have purchased a few little items (with maybe a small topshop order on the way too).
first of all, i got those skull shoes from zara which i completely blame josie’s recent post for making me want. i also bought a slip style dress (which clings to every lump urg) and some jeans (far too off white for my taste) but i’m going to send both of them back.
the red leather jacket is from ebay and i’m totally unsure about it. i had my fingers crossed that it’d be longer but it’s that awkward half way down your back length which i sort of hate. i really wanted it sit at the top of my jeans. hmm.
after asking all you lovely #bbloggers on twitter what new thickening mascara i should get, the body shop ‘big and curvy’ was suggested and, as it’s only £5 on ebay, i opted for it. now i’m just hoping it doesn’t irritate my eyes, as i’m allergic to more things than you’d ever believe. i honestly wouldn’t wish sensitive skin on my worst enemy…

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