today: glitter and restaurants

shirt: vintage / jeans and boots: topshop / bag: celine / cuff: forever21 / belt: primark

today, i was extremely tired (check the dark circles!) after being woken up by my niece literally screaming in her sleep. it was utterly terrifying and i thought she was being murdered, but it was just a nightmare. she told her lion teddy off for scaring her.
anyways, i went to frankie & benny’s with my friend for the purposes of being an utter pig. cinnamon waffles are the best things in the world and i wish they were a constant part of my diet.
i bought this velvet shirt off ebay for about £8 and i’m in love with the colour. even though it’s really long and, when tucked in my jeans, it makes me look like i’ve got lumpy sides. i haven’t really worn my silver glittery boots so i decided to give them a go, paired with my trusty celine. best bag i’ve ever bought. ever.